1. Anand Bodhamrit - Devnagari
  2. Anand Bodhamrit - English
  3. Antaranga
  4. Anugraha
  5. Chitrapur Guruparampara Charitra (Arur)
  6. Chitrapur Gurucharitra Saramrit (Marballi)
  7. Gita Series
  8. Navaratri Nitya Path
  9. Om Namo Jnana Deepaya - Devnagari
  10. Om Namo Jnana Deepaya - Kannada
  11. Padaprakshalan to Phalamanrrakshata
  12. Parijnana Bodhamrit
  13. Rathotsava - Kannada
  14. Sadguru Bodhamrit
  15. Sadhana Panchakam (2 volumes)
  16. Sadhana Shrunkala (2014)
  17. Sadyaojat Swadhyaya Sudha
  18. Sandhya Vandanam - Devnagari
  19. Sandhya Vandanam - English
  20. Sankeertan Saar - Kannada
  21. Sartha Mantra Pushpanjali - Devnagari
  22. Sartha Mantra Pushpanjali - Kannada
  23. Shivanand Lahari
  24. Shri Chitrapur Rathotsava
  25. Shri Sadyojat Bodhamrita
  26. Stuti Manjiri - Devnagari
  27. Stuti Manjiri - Kannada
  28. Swarna Sudha
  29. Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya

Audio CD's

  1. Antarangini IV
  2. Dhyana Praveshika and Ashtamurthy Upasana
  3. Navratri Nityapath
  4. SCM Nitya Nema (2 CDs)
  5. Stotravali I
  6. Stotravali II
  7. Stotravali III
  8. Jai Guru Parijnan
  9. Shiva Sankalpa Suktha
  10. Ashirvachana by Parama Pujya Shrimat Parijananashrama Swamiji
  11. Shri Lalita Sahasranaama
  12. Tercentaenary Signature Tune & Raaga - 2008


  1. Apara Mahima Guru Mahima
  2. Chitrapur Rang Ranjini
  3. Parijnanodaya Zhala
  4. Saraswati Yatra - 2008
  5. Photographs of Gurujyoti Yatra - 2008
  6. Gurujyoti Yara 6 dvd set - 2008
  7. Pushpalankara - 2008


Shri Chitrapur Math Publications are available at :-

  • Shri Chitrapur Math , Shirali
  • Shri Chitrapur Math ,Bangalore
  • Shri Samadhi Math, Mangalore
  • Durga Parameshwari Temple, Karla
  • Swamiji s official Camps
  • Hyderabad : Shri Uday Kumta (040 23746532,
  • Mumbai, Borivali : Smt Sharayu Haldipur (022 28990820)
  • Mumbai, Vile Parle : Shri Shrikar Talgeri (022 26115156)
  • Mumbai, Talmakiwadi: Smt. Smita Mavinkurve (9820224652)
  • Chennai, Contact Shri Arun Hoskote (044 26703125,

eBooks can be obtained from chitrapurebooks


The Chitrapur Sunbeam

The Chitrapur Sunbeam (Chitrapur Ravikiran) was started with the Blessings of H.H. Shrimat Anandashram Swamiji in January 1954 as a quarterly. Earlier, i.e. from 1933 to 1953, the "Math News and Notes" were circulated as a supplement to the monthly Kanara Saraswat Magazine. The objective of the Sunbeam was clearly highlighted in the Editorial for the Inaugural issue :-

  1. Propagation of Dharma
  2. Publication of Math accounts, news, and notes, and
  3. A means of periodical contact between the Math and the 'little community which created the Math'.


Shri H. Shankar Rau, the Founder Editor, further wrote "Hitherto, the Math and the line of Sadgurus were the great unifying influences. To these is now added the Sunbeam. It's light should be welcomed in every Chitrapur Saraswat Home. It will give us light without the heat. It will keep in view the light of all lights. The common source of all. It will not engage in any controversy of any kind......"

The Ravikiran was converted to a monthly journal from January 1976 as desired by H.H. Shrimat Parijnanashram Swamiji. It contains Aashirvachans & Pravachans of our revered Swamijis, and so also teachings of other great saints. The Math Calendar, Festivals, Monthly Annapoorna List, H.H. Swamiji's schedules, forthcoming events, Report on Mahasabha & Standing Committee decisions and Math Accounts are regularly published.

The Sunbeam continues to be the mouthpiece of the Math and plays an important role in keeping the community in constant touch with the happenings at the Math, apart from regularly providing interesting, and enlightening reading. A children's section " My First Little Sunbeam' has been added, with interesting stories, quizzes etc. which will familiarize our children with our culture, traditions and values.

You can receive the Sunbeam every month through your life time for a nominal subscription of Rs 500/- only, for those in India.

All correspondence regarding publishing material may be addressed to the Editor, Shri V Rajgopal Bhat, C 8 Balkrishna CHS, Seven Bungalows, Andheri (W) Mumbai 400 053.

For prompt action regarding subscriptions, change of address etc., please contact, Shri Arun S. Bolangdy, Email : - Address : Flat No.10, Mira House, 255/1, Mogal Lane, Mahim (W), Mumbai 400016.