Set up in December 2011, the Shri Parijnanashram Hand-made Paper Project (HMPP) is a laudable initiative endorsing support to the Indian economy’s imperative need to recycle waste and creating a much-needed output – paper. While underscoring society’s responsibility towards the protection of its environment, the project is also a women’s empowerment platform because all 14 of its current employees are rural women finding a creative outlet for their potential while augmenting the family income. The initiative is thus also doing its bit to dissuade the trend of migration to cities in search of a livelihood. HMPP was inaugurated by His Holiness Iswarananda Giriji Maharaj of Mt. Abu and blessed by Swamiji.

Before setting up the unit, key personnel took training at the Hand-made Paper Institute of the Khadi Gramudyog at Pune. After housing the equipment required in a well-designed structure created for the project, this core group trained the rural women who are now doing their job with aplomb! The hand-made paper is manufactured from cotton rags treated with eco-friendly additives and dyes. This paper is either sold in sheet-form or in the varied forms of attractive products like gift-wrappers, bags, envelopes, boxes, wiro-bound diaries and much else. Corporates can avail of envelopes, memo-pads, writing pads or gift hampers, diaries for distribution to privileged clients pre-festival or during corporate events.

The products are available at exclusive outlets at Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune and also at the Parijnan Foundation® hubs in Bengaluru, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Karla.

The main manufacturing unit is supported by a paper conversion unit at Shirali and this too is run entirely by women!

Bring a smile to the face of your rural sister by buying these products and spreading the good word!