Under the watchful eye and with loving Guidance from our Guru -Parama Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji the perennial river of Devabhasha – Sanskrit has been on an exciting journey through the many classrooms and stimulating, interactive teaching methods of our dedicated band of teachers.

SUJATA HALDIPUR shares some informative tid-bits from last year’s itinerary of Shri Chitrapur Math’s                  ( June 2017 )

Girvana - Sanskrit - the language of the Gods is indeed like a perennially flowing river and therefore, evergreen, fresh and ready to adapt to any situation the flow of time demands. In Vedic Rucha-s she sounds as serious as a Rishipatni and in today’s world she is as modern as a college-girl keeping pace with the latest developments. Yes, she handles the ‘Karabhasha’ - mobile phone and a computer - ‘Sanganaka’ with equal ease!

In the year 2016 while flowing speedily, this eternal river of knowledge – this Girvana, now happily pratishthita (established) in our Shri Chitrapur Math, came across many interesting events during her unbridled journey….

From the 13th to 16th of February 2016 a series of lectures by Dr. Vishwasa were arranged at Shirali for the benefit of her teachers. Dr.Vishwasa had chosen to speak on selected shloka-s from Kumar-Sambhava, a famous poem by Kalidas. The description of Parvati’s tapa for getting Shiva as her husband, Shiva coming in the form of a young lad to test her devotion and trying to dissuade her with a number of reasons - all of this has been put so beautifully in the poem that we all were reluctant to leave the class at the end of the day. Uma-the pretty delicate princess, daughter of Himalaya - is determined to marry the Lord of Kailas who wanders in burial grounds, rides on a bull and has nothing to cover His body except a freshly torn elephant skin. His body is also smeared with the unholy ashes from the smashana! But Uma, the darling daughter of King Himavan and Devi Menavati cannot tolerate a single word spoken against her beloved. Finally, Shiva manifests and accepts Uma as His bride. The divine wedding takes place witnessed by all Gods and Godesses!

From the 7th to the 9th in the month of May a Kavya-Bodhana-Varga was arranged for the teachers at Karla. While we were inspired greatly by the charming yet lucid manner in which Dr. Vishwasa and his wife Dr. Shantala explained a text the teacher-couple were totally entranced by our divine Guru and the holy atmosphere of our Maths at Shirali and Karla! This time the topics were ‘Kiraatarjuneeyam’ composed by Kavi Bharavi and ’Bhoja-Prabandha’ by Kavi Ballal! While in vanawasa, the Pandavas are preparing to return to Hastinapur, fully aware of the adamant nature of their crooked cousin Duryodhan. How Yudhishthir- the eldest Pandava who is calmness personified, the mighty Bheema and Droupadi, furious like an angry cobra react, is very beautifully depicted in ‘Kiratarjuneeyam’.

At Girvanapratishtha, we teachers are always concerned about whether the students have correctly grasped the subtle nuances of Sanskrit grammar and hence, periodical tests and then final exams are conducted every year. This infuses a lot of seriousness in the students and also increases their confidence about their growing hold on this fascinating language of the Gods. More than 80 students all over India appeared for the final exams conducted in April, June and November 2016 and cleared them happily!

August 6th, 2016: An aakhyana on ‘Shaakuntala’ was delivered in chaste Sanskrit by Dr. Gauri Mahulikar, retired Head of the Sanskrit Dept, Mumbai Vidyapeeth. The poem, again by Kalidas, not only brings out the feelings of the separated lovers but also throws light on the rich culture of our Bharat.

Bengaluru teachers and students conducted a cultural program on 14th August, 2016. On 18th August, 2016, Samskrita Divasa was celebrated at Shri Chitrapur Math, Bengaluru, with sambhashanam, games, songs, katha-kathana and much else.

Girvanpratishtha teachers conducted sambhashana classes in Shirali throughout Chaturmasa. This is not limited only to Chaturmasa, for our Bengaluru teachers take turns to visit Shirali every month and teach Sanskrit to the local students there.

On the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami, two Sanskrit story books translated by the Girvanapratishtha teachers were released by Pujya Swamiji. The books, specially designed for little readers, are full of cute pictures of the heroes - “Sheru” a little tiger cub and “Chintu” an elephant calf. These books woven around Parama Pujya Swamiji’s message narrate how these heroes overcome a weakness and learn to face life’s problems courageously!

Then there was also a very significant milestone last year. On 12th October, 2016 there was an- All Volunteers’ Meeting, at Karla. Girvanapratishtha volunteers had a meeting in the Divine Presence of Pujya Swamiji where some important decisions were taken, certain systems were laid down. This meeting was attended by 27 teachers from Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi and Chennai.

Girvanapratishtha, Pune organised a Samskrita Shiviram on 23rd October. A number of entertaining and educative items such as games, Sanskrit translations of popular Hindi songs, jokes, stories and so on, made the shiviram very interactive and lively. It was enjoyed by students and everyone who attended this lovingly assembled programme.

Over the last four years Girvanapratishtha teachers have been going regularly to Karla to make the Seva Saptaha volunteers sip the ancient nectar of Sanskrit in an easy and modern format. The tiny little angels from Parijnanashram Vidyalaya also get a taste of this joy.

Girvanapratishtha humbly places the world-wide appreciation received for her web lessons at the Lotus Feet of our Beloved Master whose inspiration and encouragement have been instrumental in the creation of these lessons. A number of people in India and abroad are taking benefit of Girvanapratishtha’s web lessons.

Some of our people settled abroad also got glued to the Devbhasha through two extremely interesting and interactive half-hour sessions conducted for them at Shirali during the NRI shiviram in December. They were surprised that one can actually converse in this ancient language with as much ease as they have been conversing in English.Gîrvânavaikharî, an Online Colloquial Samskrita Training Course has been started recently for all students staying abroad who crave to learn this beautiful language.

It is said that only a lamp that is lit can light other lamps. To keep the lamp of knowledge ever-aglow Stara-vardhana classes are conducted for teachers at various places to enhance and upgrade their levels. The ever-enthusiastic teachers do not mind travelling from Bengaluru to Shirali, Mumbai to Pune or Nasik to conduct classes every month.

On 17th December last yearGirvanapratishtha participated in the Guru-Ranjani Utsava at Santacruz wherePramana Patra Vitaranam took place for all the successful students.

This otherwise serious Girvanapratishtha surprised the audience by presenting a bouquet of heart-winning translations in Sanskrit of some popular Hindi film songs and two Sanskrit skits as well.

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( Photo credit : Anushravas )