Sabha-wise Activity Report - Jan to Mar 2017

Chitrapur Yuvadhara - Sabha-wise Activity Report - January to March 2017


    January 2017

The backdrop for the stage during Parama Pujya Swamiji’s visit at Bengaluru Math was designed by Aditi Basrur

10th January 2017

  • Devyani Padbidri and Sanjana Hervatte, participated in the Devi Anushthaan.

  • Deepali Savur and Sheetal Shirali managed the Flower Arrangement / Ikebana event and also participated in it.

14th January 2017

  • Varun Mallapur and Sheetal Shirali volunteered at the Rangoli drawing event.

  • Deepika Sorab participated in the Rangoli drawing event.

  • Twenty Yuvas and Yuvatis enacted in Ganga-avataran, a skit performed in the presence of our Param Pujya Swamiji, at Bengaluru Math. Aditi Basrur assisted with creating the invitation and also make-up, while she was supported by Unnati Chandragiri assisted with make-up. The director – Deepali Savur was ably guided by Sudhir Balwally maam, when he was invited to Bengaluru during Param Pujya Swamiji’s camp at Bengaluru Math. (Group photo with Param Pujya Swamiji is attached at the bottom of this report.)

It must be noted that around fifteen Yuvas and Yuvatis actively participated in volunteering during Param Pujya Swamiji’s visit to Bengaluru Math between 10th February and 15th February 2017. This was acknowledged by Param Pujya Swamiji and instructed the seniors Sadhakas to involve and allow the Yuvas and Yuvatis to participate in all Math activities.

The President, Bengaluru Local Sabha, Rajagopal Karnad maam, proposed during the Sabha meeting in February, that the committee encourages attendance of at least 6 Yuvaadhara members in all future Local Sabha meetings, which will enable the Yuvas and Yuvatis to understand and participate in the Sabha discussions. This is a positive step in favour on the Yuvaadhara and its members.

February 2017

19th February 2017

Bengaluru Yuvathon was organized on 19th February 2017 Commemoration of the 9th Year of Padayaatra and the activity was offered at the Lotus feet of our Param Pujya Swamiji.

  • The Yuvathon event started at 6.30 am. Attendance of the Yuvas present was taken by Shwetha Taggarsi, Yuvaadhara T-shirts were distributed to the Yuvas (who had not received the T-shirts in the past) by Ankita Karnad. The activity then started with Sabha Prarambh prayers and Parijnan Trayodashi, led by Devyani Padbidri, followed by light stretching exercises lead by Siddhart Baindur and Jai-Jai-kars by Varun Mallapur. The walk was led by Kedar Basrur at 7:00 a.m.

    After the 9 km Walkathon was completed successfully by 35 Yuvaadhara members, a healthy breakfast was served at our Sri Chirapur Math, Bengaluru.

    A brief introduction and a talk was given by Aditya Chandavarkar relating to the upcoming events and importance of attending Shibirs and Kara Sevas. Post the encouraging talk by Aditya, the Yuvas and Yuvatis who had attended the Padayaatra in 2008 recollected their cherished the blissful memories. (Group photo at Bengaluru Math is attached at the bottom of this report.)

Worth mentioning - A week prior to the event, Ankita Karnad, Devyani Padubidri, Kedar Basrur, Priya Nadkarni, Siddharth Baindur and Shwetha Taggarsi conducted a recee and helped identify the route, calculated the duration and suitable timeslot for the event and also paid due attention to availability of convenience spots along the route.

24th February 2017

On the occasion of Mahashivratri – the following Yuvaadhara members assisted with arranging the Prasad bags - Sanjana Hervatte, Devyani Padubidri, Deepika Sorab, Deepali Savur, Siddharth Baindur, Sachidanand Manikere and Sachin Manikere and also with distribution of breakfast after completion of the Chaar Yaam pujan at Bengaluru Math. The Yuvas and Yuvatis also rendered bhajan seva between 3rd and 4th Yaam.

Names of Yuvas and Yuvatis who enacted in the Ganga-avataran skit are: Asmita Kalyanpur, Abhijeet Kabad, Sachidanand Manikere, Akhil Golikeri, Devyani Padubidri, Sanjana Hervatte, Ojas Hattiangadi, Vaibhavi Kodange, Rishab Padukone, Sharmila Kumble, Prithvish Kumble, Kedar Basrur, Sachin Kalthod, Rachana Amladi, Surabhi Karnad, Rashmi Gaitonde, Gowri Trasi, Dhrutiman Padubidri, Siddharth Baindur and Deepali Savur

Names of Yuvas and Yuvatis who participated in the Yuvathon event are: Ankita Karnad, Gowri Trasi, Deepali Savur, Dhrutiman Padubidri, Siddharth Baindur, Devyani Padubidri, Rishab Padukone, Kedar Basrur, Sachin Rao, Surabhi Karnad, Asmita Kalyanpur, Ojas Hattiangadi, Shwetha Taggarsi, Priya Nadkarni, Kushal Bailur, Abhijeet Kabad, Vishaal Bailur, Tejashree Bailur, Gauri Sanade, Sanjana Hervatte, Aditi Basrur, Shantanu Basrur, Sandeep Balse, Deepak Bijur, Vishal Kalbag, Ankita Hattiangadi, Sowmya Hattangady, Varun Mallapur, Sanjana Balse, Ananth Nagarkar, Nishad Karnad, Niyati Karnad, Sohini Karnad, Sachidanand Manikeri, and Shruti Ubhayakar.


March 2017

19th and 26th March 2017 – Fixed Asset Stock-taking Project

Nine Yuvas and Yuvatis from Bengaluru Yuvadhara team, participated in the Fixed Asset stock-taking activity and categorized the assets into “Individual” and “Lot” types, on 19th March 2017. This was followed by the fixing of QR code labels on the Individual assets on the following Sunday, 26th March 2017. This is the pilot project, before the Shirali Math, including the Math office, Dhyaan Mandir, Ugraan, Kitchen, Bhojanshaala, Guest Houses, Vaidik Paath-shaala, Srivalli Clinic, Parijnan Vastu Sangrahalay, Samvit Sudha Works, Swami Parijnan Sabhagriha, Shrivalli High School and HMPP Plant will be visited on 1st and 2nd April 2017 for stock-taking activity.

Bengaluru Yuvadhara members who have contributed for the Fixed Asset Management project are Devyani Padbidri, Sharmila Kumble, Shweta Taggerse, Siddhart Baindoor, Sanjana Hervatte, Ankita Karnad, Satchidanand Manikeri, Kedar Basrur, Sandeep Balse, Rishab Padukone and Ankita Hattangdi.


Gurupujan: The Andheri Yuvadhara continued its Sankalpa for performing Gurupujan once every month. In January, February and March, Pujan was performed at Shri Ram High School by the Yuvas and Prarthana Varg. The nirmalya from the Gurupujan was composted and we continued with our 'Green Gurupujan ' initiative.

Gurupujan was performed on:

January:29th January

February: 26th February

March: 5th March

Participants : Aditi Gokarn, Krupa Chandavarkar, Kedar Chandavarkar,Niyati Mavinkurve, Siddharth Adur, Tanmay Bangalorekar, Poonam Bangalorekar, Akshay Bangalorekar and Svaraa Adur (prarthana varg)

Chanting of Shlokas: Kanchan Mannige pachi, Jayanti Nadkarni pachi, Vidya Aldangadi pachi and Ranjana Hosangadi pachi.

Samvit Sudha Volunteering:

Andheri Yuva, Niyati Mavinkurve volunteered for the Samvit Sudha events in corporate offices.

February: 24th February at Citi Bank, BKC

March: 7th March at Bank of America, Saki Naka

By volunteering for these events whenever possible, the Yuvas ensure that they contribute to the social initiatives of the Math.

Cultural Program for Yugadi 2017:

Yuvadhara and Prarthana Varg of the Andheri Sabha presented a Cultural Program on Yugadi on 28th March,2017.

The program started with a Ganesh Vandana dance.

Yuva Krupa Chandavarkar trained the prarthana children and performed along with Ishita Nadkarni, Svaraa Adur, Shivani Bhat, Samvit Bhat and Mishti Gunavanthe from the Prarthana Varg.

Akshay Bangalorekar and Niyati Mavinkurve explained the importance of Yuvadhara and Prarthana. They shed light on the various activities and how participation in the many Math initiatives has enriched their lives.

This set the tone for the Musical Program.

The theme for the musical program was 'Raag Yaman'. Abhishek Gokarn, Ruhi Kumta, Nirmit Kumta, Aditi Gokarn and Krupa Chandavarkar started with a beautiful medley of songs in 'Raag Yaman'. Short lines from songs were fused and sung to give the audience an idea about 'Raag Yaman' and the importance of this Raag in Classical Music was explained by Nirmit Kumta.

Following this, the singers sang songs in Raag Yaman. The singers were:

Svaraa Adur, Devaunsh Bhat -prarthana

Yuvas - Aditi Gokarn, Krupa Chandavarkar, Ruhi Kumta, Abhishek Gokarn,Varun Hosangadi, Nirmit Kumta, Varun Gunavanthe.

The singers were accompanied on the tabla by 13 year old Arnav Hoskote and on the harmonium by Priya Bhat pachi.

Yuvas wish to acknowledge the support and guidance of Sushama Gokarn pachi, Priya Bhat pachi, Jayanti Nadkarni pachi, Vidya Aldangadi pachi and Ranjana Hosangadi pachi in presenting this entertaining programme which was very well appreciated by all

The cultural program concluded with a vote of thanks. Dharmapracharak Shri Rajgopal Bhatmam handed tulsi saplings to the participants for their wonderful efforts.

Reported by

Niyati Mavinkurve.

(3) GOA


Yuvati, Soumya Karkal participated in Yuvadhara Meet held for North & South Kanara & Goa, in Shirali on Feb 3 - 5 during Vardhanti Utsava of shrines of Devi Bhuvaneshwari, Mahaganapati, Adi Shankaracharya, Guru Paduka Sannidhi & Ramanjaneya.March:

Yugadi Satsang of Sabha was held with Panchang Vachan, Bhajans & Panak-Panvar in which the following Yuvas participated :

1) Neha Shiroor;

2) Siddharth Arur &

3) Anuja Arur.


13th January, 2017

Sadhana Panchakam

The monthly Sadhana Panchakam of the Sabha was held on the 13th January 2017, at the residence of Smt Lakshmi and Shri Udyavar Arvind Rao at New Delhi.

9 families participated in the programme including yuvati Vidya Rao Nippani along with her 2 month old son Advait Nippani.

15th February 2017

Sadhana Panchakam

Sadhana Panchakam for the month of Feb 2017, was held on the 15th Feb 2017 at the residence of Smt Vidya and Shri Rakesh Kumar at Gurgaon. Along with the other senior members Yuvati Suparna Nath also participated in the proceedings along with her 6 month old daughter Toshani.

25th February 2017

Hero Motor Corp Factory visit

Delhi Sabha had organized a visit to the Hero Motor Corp Factory on the 25th Feb 2017.A number of young people including the Prarthana varga, young Sabha members and yuvas participated in the outing. There were a total of 35 members including Yuvas Akshay and Pallavi, Rao, Ashutosh Gokarn, Chaitanya Betrebet, Tanvi Betrebet , Nupur Sharma and Ishani Rajpal.

Report on the Hero Motor Corp Factory visit by Ullal Akshay Rao:

Cars and bikes have always been a passion for me since the time I was a little kid. I fondly remember playing with my elder brother, Prashant's "dinky" cars while escaping from my homework. A few days ago I had the chance to be up close and personal with some gleaming machines all due to the kind courtesy of Mahesh Kaikini maam.

It was early February when the Delhi yuvas got an interesting proposal to consider. It was a visit to the Hero Motocorp factory at Neemrana on a Saturday, organized by the Delhi Sabha. What got me most interested was that this was supposed to be India's first "green" factory so much so that Hero had called it a "Garden Factory" This intrigued me as I was fascinated to understand how machinery & nature could co-exist. With all these questions in my head, I reached the factory at around 9:30AM with my wife and some other youth members of the Delhi sabha. It was a lovely 1 hour drive on a cool morning.

We were ushered in by courteous personnel at the gates. What struck me was their humility and desire to make us comfortable. After a sumptuous breakfast, we were given a short AV on the safety procedures to observe in the plant as well as a brief profile of the Hero company. With this our tour had begun! We were handed walkie talkies and divided into 2 groups. Our group supervisor patiently took us around the entire shopfloor (we were walking on an aerial bridge) while workers worked below. We were amazed to know that a Hero bike is produced every 8-10 seconds! After this we were taken to see the green house where the company grows cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes. The temperature in the green houses is carefully controlled. Infact, the whole temperature of the factory is regulated such that it is always cool and comfortable. There are green walls abound in the factory so that workers always feel close to nature.

After a tasty lunch (with veggies plucked from the garden), we were shown Hero Motocorp's state of the art Global Parts Center with it's high tech cranes & complex inventory management system. It was truly a leaning on processes in the manufacturing industry.

With this the tour was over, but not before some lovely evening tea and snacks and Mahesh mam and Uma pachi's house!


22nd January 2017 – Ninada Session

Many situations occur, when we are well prepared, but when the opportune moment arises, we get so wound up in all the excitement and nervousness that we end up suffering from a lack of confidence. In such times, we try to achieve composure and try to gather ourselves by hook or by crook but in the haste to keep calm. We only worsen the situation. This is where Ninada is useful in helping achieve some semblance of that composure. So, on 22nd January 10 of our yuvas (Radhika Tonsey, Prathamesh Kini, Mitali Puthli, Medha Karkal, Sanika Balwally,Ankita Chandavarkar, Sohil Koppikar, Nikhil Kadle, Vaishnavi Honnavar and Divya Vinekar) took the opportunity to learn this useful breathing technique. The session was conducted by Mohit Karkal. Following this they got to know about Ninada in more detail when they saw a video of Swamiji's Ninada session held during Guru Ranjani at Santacruz.

24th February 2017 – Mahashivaratri

As is the norm, on the evening of 24th February, 25 of our Sadhakas, yuvas included, headed to Karla to take part in the Chaar Yaam Mahashivratri Pujan. 2 yuvas, Mohit Karkal, Aditya Chandavarkar and Niyati Puthli were among the 8 sadhakas who performed the Chaar Yaam Mahashivratri Pujan. Also, Nikhil Kadle, Ankita Chandavarkar and Medha Karkal joined in the chanting and also helped the devotees performing the Pujan.

7th March 2017 – Participation in Grama Bhojan

Sanika Balwally and Mitali Puthli participated in the Grama Bhojan held at Karla on 7th March.