Mumbai and Pune Prarthana Picnic to Karla Math

At the stroke of dawn on Sunday, March 19, 2017 children from Prarthana Varga of various Sabhas viz., (Talmakiwadi, Dadar, Bandra-Khar, Santacruz, Andheri, Goregaon, Borivali (E), Borivali (West) & Mira Road) had gathered along with Prarthana Varga Teachers and a few parents, at their respective Sabha pick-up points, to enjoy a fun filled day picnic at Karla Math.

Mumbai and Pune Prarthana Picnic to Karla Math


(A report by Manasi Kalyanpur- Goregaon Prarthana Teacher)

Date- March 19th 2017

Participant list:
Prarthana Varga children - 47 from Mumbai & 15 from Pune
Adults (teachers and parents) from Mumbai & Pune- 37
Total- 99

Activities performed:
 Visit to Durgaparmeshwari Temple
 Visit to Jnananand
 Visit to Goshala
 Visit to Parijnanashram Vidyalaya

At the stroke of dawn on Sunday, March 19, 2017 children from Prarthana Varga of various
Sabhas viz., (Talmakiwadi, Dadar, Bandra-Khar, Santacruz, Andheri, Goregaon, Borivali (E),
Borivali (West) & Mira Road) had gathered along with Prarthana Varga Teachers and a few
parents, at their respective Sabha pick-up points, to enjoy a fun filled day picnic at Karla

Surekha Padubidri Pacchi (owner of Aroon Travels) had sponsored two buses for the picnic.
The buses left Mumbai at about 7.30 am and reached Karla Math at 9.30 a.m.

20 Prarthana children and adults came from Pune by car for the picnic directly to Karla.

At Karla Math the group had darshan of Goddess Durga Parameshwari Devi followed by Ganpati Bappa’s Darshan and then HH Parijnaashram Swamiji III Samadhi darshan. From there the group went to Naaga Katte where idols of Naag Devtaa have been installed. Then we went to Jnananand, where the group paid their respects to the full sized photograph of Parijnanashram Swamiji III at Jnananand. At Jnananand, the children were guided to the kaksha of HH Parijnanashram Swamiji III, where He used to reside during his stay at Karla.

After this, the children were guided to the Bhojanashala for breakfast. Here children were served hot Idli, Chutney with Sambaar along with Milk, Tea and Coffee. The volunteers serving the breakfast were greeted with a warm “Jai Shankar” by everyone in the group This sacred utterance is now uniformly used across Shri Chitrapur Math related communications, events and institutions etc.

All the children and teachers assembled outside bhojanshala where all recited Sabha Prarambha Prarthana, Parijnanashram Trayodashi, Gurupaduka Stotram. All children and teachers introduced themselves to the entire group. Parents participated in the Sannikarsha while children were taken around the temple premises.

Forming two groups, the children visited the Goshala, Biogas Plant, Organic vegetation farms and the newly inaugurated Parijnanashram Vidyalaya. At the Biogas Plant, the children were briefed about bio gas and informed the process of generating biogas and its use in the kitchen for cooking food on a large scale at the Math. The children were also informed that the gas collected is routed to the kitchen stoves through pipes.

(Children briefed about the Biogas plant)
The group's next halt was the Organic vegetation farms located next to the Biogas plant. The group was introduced to farm fresh green Spinach, Jumping potatoes (baby potatoes), cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, purple cabbage, coriander, Iceberg lettuce and brinjals which are grown in abundance. This produce is sold in the Math premises at reasonable price.

(Lush green vegetation!)

Further , the group had a quick glimpse of the Goshala and saw the various cows and bulls from outside the Goshala.

(Children outside the Goshala)
Next it was time to visit the newly inaugurated Parijnashram Vidyalaya. The children were taken to the Vidyalaya through a kuccha road in the middle of Jowar fields (see picture)

(Jowar fields enroute to Parijnanashram Vidyalaya)

At the entrance of the Vidyalaya, there is a small play garden with a slide and other equipments for children to play. Few children played in the Sand area for fun.

(Parijnanashram Vidyalaya)

After settling a while children were handed drawing sheets and the topic was “I love Karla” here children showcased their talent. The children were asked about what did they see (in & around) Karla, few children drew the Temple entrance, while few drew about Goshala and the surrounding vegetation. It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

(Children drawing on the theme 'I LOVE KARLA!')

( Children happily displaying their drawings!)

Later on Mukta Dhareshwar Pacchi briefed us upon the working of the school, as of now the Vidyalaya is having ___ nos. of children enrolled in Nursery, Junior K.G & Senior K.G respectively. Each grade is alloted a unique house names (Rose & Lotus for Nursery Grade, Peacock & Parrot for Junior Grade & Butterfly for Senior Grade class as they will enter the new world of pre-primary education). The children were handed Parijna Story books, these books were sponsored by Mrs. Sugandha Shenoy (Mother of Mst. Rudra Shenoy) from Santacruz Sabha.

(Mukta pachi talking to children about the School)
We played group games involving teachers and children too similar to “Fire on the mountain” the children enjoyed a lot while playing this game. Thanks to Pune Prarthana teachers for conducting the fun filled games! After some games and fun we headed back to Karla Math for lunch. On our way back again we met “the golden beauty” Jowar fields.
(Game time!)
At the Math children had a sumptuous lunch Chapati, Mixed sprout bhaji, Saaru, Hot Jalebis, Thanda Thanda Tak and Koshimbiri. We enjoyed Kulfi (sponsored by Ajay Shirali maam) too at the end of our meal.

Postlunch Ajy Shirali maam's son Raunak Shirali gave lot of information to the children about cows. He told all present about how the Goshala is maintained, cows of Gir breed are reared and the milk extracted from these cows is used at the Math kitchen for various preparations. Sadhakas on various occasions had the opportunity to taste the yummilicious Palak Paneer prepared by the cook at the Math kitchen.

Children were very happy to go in the Goshala and meet a recently born calf too!! Children and adults were allowed to go inside the Goshala and they were very happy to interact with the cows!

(Inside the Goshala!!)
Then we all gathered near the temple for some pictures where we were given some sweet treat chocolates sponsored by Ajay Shirali maam for all!! After bidding goodbye and best wishes we all proceeded to our respective buses enroute Mumbai!!

Parents were delighted to be part of this visit. The one day picnic has special memories not only for the children but parents and teachers too for a long time!!

(Feeling blessed!)
Jai Shankar!!!