Yuvathon - 2016 a report

After three successful Yuvathon-s, we were all very excited to organize and conduct the event, which is so close to our hearts, the ‘Chitrapur Yuvadhara Yuvathon 2016’.

Yuvathon - 2016 a report

reported by Aniket Benegal

After three successful Yuvathon-s, we were all very excited to organize and conduct the event, which is so close to our hearts, the ‘Chitrapur Yuvadhara Yuvathon 2016’.

February 7th, 2016, the date decided for this initiative to commemorate the Guru Jyoti Pada Yatra held in 2008. With the blessings of Parama Pujya Swamiji, Chitrapur Yuvadhara had conceptualized this initiative in 2013. Since then it has been organized and conducted with a lot of enthusiasm and devotion. This year was no different. With the blessings of our Guru Parampara and Lord Bhavanishankar and under the able guidance of Krishnanand Heblekar maam (Kutty maam), we organized the route from Kamshet village to the Kedarnath temple on the Pavananagar- Kamshet Road which was around 9km and preparations for Yuvathon began…

We were overwhelmed by the response, 112 participants (105 yuvas and 7 senior sanchalaks), thanks to all the able Coordinators and enthusiastic participants.

Transport, accommodation and meals were arranged in an excellent manner for which we are grateful to all the organizers, Ajay Shirali maam, Vivek Bijur maam and the Karla Math staff. We reached the Math in the evening on 6th February after which the registrations and room allocations were done along with distribution of T shirts and special badges for Yuvathon 2016. After the yummy dinner organized specially for all yuvas, we all gathered in the dining hall for the briefing by Kutty maam. Instructions about the route, schedule for the next day and contact details of organizers & people with medical kits during the walk were shared. A few yuvas who accompanied Kutty maam during the reconnaissance were identified as guides in the lead, mid and last to maneuver and lead everyone along the right path. Later a short session on CSN was conducted by Maithili Padukone. All the participants went off to bed early, excited and looking forward to the next day.

Sunday, February 7th

We were all up and ready by 5:15 am and gathered in the dining area for the hot upma breakfast at 5:30 am. Vaishali Heblekar made sure none of the yuvas forgot to collect the food packets, comprising of a sandwich, Enerzal sachet, an orange, a packet of biscuits and some sugar candy.

Participants gathered at the Durgaparameshwari Sannidhi, offered prayers at the Samadhi of Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji III and chanted Guru Paduka Stotra, Shri Parijnanashram Trayodashi and Guru Bhajan Stotra in front of the Samadhi. At the gate of our Mandir, yuvas sang the Chitrapur Samuha Geet (Gurudevon ki Amar Shakti se… led by Esha Hoskote) and boarded the buses.

The buses started at 6.20 am and dropped us at a point about 5 kms away; we started the trek from there, went up on the Kamshet ridge and walked along it, getting down near Bhour Khind. Total distance walked was about 9 km, climbing about 300 m. The altitude was approx 3100 feet. We took about five breaks during the trek. At our first halt we were just in time to witness the magnificent, golden sunrise.

As the day progressed the sun started to get slightly harsh but this did not stop or slow down the yuvas as the blessings of the Guru was a constant driving force throughout, which guided us to reach our destination. The breathtaking view from the top was an experience that cannot be described in words, which all yuvas admired silently. Passing by the paragliding spot after the descent into the forest, we halted for our third break. We gathered under an Umber tree (Wild fig) where Kutty maam and Dilip Basrur maam shared their experiences of the Guru Jyoti Pada Yatra, with the all yuvas listening keenly after which we chanted Shri Parijnan Trayodashi.

We finished the trek at noon. The buses picked us up from Bhour Khind, near Kedarnath temple. With a sense of accomplishment and devotion we came back to Karla Math. After a headcount, we offered our prayers at the Durgaparameshwari Sannidhi and Samadhi of Parama Pujya Parijnanashrama Swamiji III, where we all chanted the Guru Paduka Stotram, Shri Parijnan Trayodashi and offered the walk at the Divine Feet of the Guru.

Later we all dispersed for lunch. After a short rest, at around 3:00 pm, 18 yuvatis did Devi Anushthanam in front of Devi Durgaparameshwari in the Mandir led by Ruhi Kuddyady and Aditi Kotavdekar. At the same time, 24 yuvaks did Gayatri Japa Anushthan in front of Samadhi of Parama Pujya Parijnanashram Swamiji III, led by Tanmay Bangalorekar.

All yuvas left for their respective cities after tea, with a lot of wonderful moments to cherish. We are extremely grateful to CYO for having thought of this event and to all the organizers at Karla Math for the wonderful arrangements and our comfortable stay. With the blessings of Lord Bhavanishankar, our Guru Parampara and Devi Durgaparameshwari we are excited and ready to organize the Yuvathon in a bigger, better way each year and offer it as seva to our Guru