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flag  Audio - Shri Shankar Narayan Geet

Shri Shankar Narayan Geet

in Raag Shankara

Every evening, at the beginning of the Ashtavadhan Puja, the Shankar Narayan Geet in its complete and authentic version is sung at the Chitrapur Math.

This 'archana' is a melodious offering in praise of Lord Bhavanishankar, Lord Narayana (Vishnu), Lord Ganesha, several other deities and of the 11 'Yateeshwars', the matchless Masters of the Guruparampara of Shri Chitrapur Math, who have been an infinite and continued Source of Guidance, Love and Inspiration for over 300 years now.

The Shankar Narayan Geet is sung in a chorus by all devotees at Shri Chitrapur Math and at every sabha where our present Mathadhipati - Parama Pujya Sadyojat Shankarashram Swamiji is camping.

This clip has been posted here so as to enable all devotees from around the globe to learn the entire text , its correct pronunciation and 'swara' (intonation).



Click on the icon above to hear the audio clip in Raag Shankara



Female: Smt Meera Balsaver, Smt Shivani Haldipur Kallianpur, Smt Sampada Marballi, Smt Meghana Venkatesh, Smt Pradnya Pandit, Kum Sharmila Kumble and Kum Anupama Dhareshwar

Male: Shri Baddukuli Radhakrishna Bhat, Shri Kishan Kallianpur and Shri Kishan Bantwal

Studio and music arranged by / Pakhawaj, Tabla and Manjira played by: Shri Gurumurthy Vaidya

Facilitated by: Smt Chitra Saletore

Lyrics and pronunciation supervised by: Smt Malini Madiman

Rehearsals, Chorus directed and conducted by: Smt Aditi Kaikini (Upadhya)

Project co-ordinated by: Shri Gourang Kodical

Recorded at: Symphony Studio, Bengaluru on 5 and 6 January, 2012